Friends in Blogville

Well, as my blog has been collecting dust, it seems that some friends I went to school with have started their own - check'em out!


Flash animating and Fire dancing friend Daisy has added a blog to her arsenal of websites, and she has taken on the impressive challenge of posting a doodle a day. Good luck Daisy!


Fellow Buzz Osbourne listener and buddy Greg Araya has started a blog that will follow the production of his radioactive piƱata-flavored MFA thesis film. Greg is a great problem solver and innovator - I'm sure there will be plenty to learn following his production! There are only a handful of posts so far, and I have already learned how to add a click track to a timeline...


"Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?"

image from Cartoonbrew

I hope these Oswald toys become available!

What a great character!

It's exciting, of course, that Disney will release Oswald cartoons on a future Disney DVD set....

... but what about the Lantz Oswald's!!!! The handful of Lantz Oswald's I've seen are hysterical. Everything a cartoon is supposed to be.