Boy am I proud that I got to production assist/coordinate on this cartoon!

It was amazing watching a John K. project from start to finish. In basically two and a half months this 1-minute burst of cartoon energy was conceived, produced and realized.

And look at all these fine folks I got to work with !
(some directly, some indirectly...)

John K.
Eddie Fitzgerald
Nick Cross
Jay Li
Rex Hackelberg
Marlo Meekins
Chad Coyle
Eric Bauza
COPERNICUS (Juan Cruz, Murray Bain, Andrew Holland and more...)
Kristen McCormick
Steve Worth & The ASIFA Archive
Kali Fonteccio
Chris Cannati

(Did I miss anyone?)

This music video has practically everything I want in a cartoon:

funny animals...

funny mouths...

funny actions...

musical timing....

beautiful background paintings...

bounce cycles...

and, of course, ducks...

If you're over 18, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO!