"What A Great Idea For A Gag!"

If you had a chance to make it to the John K. Retrospective this past weekend at the Aero Theatre, you got to see the Mighty Mouse cartoon "Mighty's Benefit Plan" presented on the big screen with the energy of an audience of fans - it was great!

During the Q&A at the show, John K. and Jerry Beck were explaining to us the state of animation in the 80's before Ralph Bakshi's New Adventures of Mighty Mouse came along.

Mighty Mouse was much different than these other animated shows because it was actually a CARTOON.


After Marc Crisafulli mentioned to me this really funny scene in the episode "Catastrophe Cat" (October 10th, 1987) - I knew I had to do a post about it!

Every time the hic-upping "Catastrophe Cat" walks by --- bad things happen.

Towards the beginning of the cartoon, this cat walks by Earth (he's out in space) and moments later a meteor is headed straight for Earth! And where is this meteor heading? Towards a cartoon studio of course!

The cartoonists don't realize the meteor is coming their way...

Hey, who's this?

Why it's everyone's favorite UNCLE EDDIE!

"What a great idea for a gag!" Eddie exclaims.

We then get to witness the sacred ritualistic dance-like-performance of cartooncreation in full rubbery & joyous momentum...

"You're fired!" says the piece of paper in the voice of Ralph Bakshi.

Big Thanks to Marc Crisafulli for pointing this hilarious scene out to me!


At 1:25 PM, Blogger Gabriel said...

What a coincidence, I was watching an illegaly downloaded copy of that cartoon (no dvd yet) some days ago and when that guy appeared I knew instantly that he was someone from the 'real' world, probably some one who worked in the studio. Now that you point it out I can't believe I did not notice it was Eddie Fitzgerald, the newest star of the cartoon blogosphere!

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Marc Deckter said...

Hi Gabriel - haha, crazy coincidence!

It's funny, I watched a lot of these Mighty Mouse cartoons before I understood the references - but now when I watch them I see all sorts of things I missed the first time around.

There's probably lots of stories and anecdotes to go along with the making of these cartoons too.


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